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Perfecta is a compounding pharmacy that wants to provide an improvement in the quality of life and longevity of each customer, so that they enjoy the best of life!

During the diagnostic consultation to analyze the current scenario of the brand and what has changed over its 8 years in the market, a certain difficulty and limitation was identified when thinking and executing its visual communication.

In addition to the brand needing a defined visual identity to standardize and harmonize its points of contact, we also identified the need to carry out its
Rebranding , involving not only the visual part but also the restructuring of its positioning guidelines.

From there, we started all the work of  brand consulting  to seek differentiation in the market, reposition its image and provide a new experience for its customers.

Perfecta's Branding inspires each person's freedom and individuality!


Going deeper into the essence of the brand, we rediscovered its purpose: To inspire people to have a healthier and lighter life, within their possibilities and according to their needs .


From this, we defined the explorer archetype and used freedom and individuality as a fundamental part of its conceptual strategy.


Now, Perfecta's new positioning emphasizes its purpose and also brings its audience closer, through the construction of a healthy lifestyle, as a way to achieve a full life, with more health, well-being, self-esteem and longevity.

The Brand Manifesto follows this same conceptual line, inspiring people to embrace their individuality to achieve a full life on their own terms.

To accompany it, a new slogan was also created, as well as some keywords that reinforce and declare the brand's concept.
The perfection of being you!

"We understand that each person is unique and we are here to meet their individual needs, bringing health, quality of  life and well-being through our intelligent, multifunctional and differentiated formulas.


While many seek perfection, we really want you to accept your own individualities to achieve a full life, with passion, health, longevity and freedom to be lighter and happier in your own way!"

For Perfecta's new visual language, we took inspiration from organic abstraction...

visual language

From all this restructuring of business guidelines and brand positioning, we finalized Perfecta's rebranding by building a versatile, sophisticated visual language connected with nature.

The chosen color palette presents a balance between sober and elegant. As the main color we keep the green (which is now more sober) with some monochromatic variations and we also added 2 more support colors: yellow and pink

In color psychology, green is linked to nature, life and health. Yellow gold symbolizes beauty, elegance, wisdom and intelligence. While pink enters the composition to bring softness and harmony. The result was an organic, light, modern and sophisticated brand atmosphere.

Symbol construction
The great inspiration for building the symbol came from an ancient tree called Ginkgo biloba , known to be one of the few surviving trees in Hiroshima after the 1945 atomic bombing.

A year after this event, new leaves of ginkgo biloba were still sprouting in the midst of rubble, which is why it is considered a symbol of longevity, hope, resilience and peace.