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Express Yourself!


Raise your brand awareness to a level where a competition by price will become irrelevant.

O Express Yourself! is an immersive Branding program divided into 5 phases  and specially structured to serve e  professionals who want to (re)position themselves in the market in a remarkable way.


With my strategic eye and your knowledge of your company, we will take your brand awareness to a level where the competition will become irrelevant and unable to reach you easily.

During the entire program your company will be monitored individually and throughout

As part of the process, we will hold some online meetings that will function as participatory workshops and collaborative strategic brand alignments.

No Express Yourself! you will have the clarity you need to position   your company in a truly differentiated way, aligning your marketing efforts in an assertive and   relevant to your strategy.

Check below the 5 phases that can integrate Express Yourself!




We will immerse you in your brand so that you can get to know it better and know its place in the world.  This excavation process is what will help us to gather fundamental information for all the work that we will develop in the next stages.



We will identify your company's differentials and, together with their essence, transform them into brand differentiation strategies capable of catalyzing the necessary changes that will bring your company closer to the future you envision for it.




Let's observe the present and envision the future of your company to feel the best path that will enhance the differentials that have been raised. Then we will define how to build a reputation of value that clearly works all of this in the public's perception of your brand, products and services.

Before Express Yourself!

Confused and stuck communication
Lack of connection with your brand and customers
Difficulty expressing differences
Customers who don't understand your value
Lack of clarity and security to position yourself

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After Express Yourself!

Organized, clear and assertive communication
Customers attracted by the way you sell
Enhancement of your brand's potential
Customers and team aligned with your business
Security to position yourself in an original way

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Is only concerned with

your company design?

Design is just one of the deliverables

of that program. The Express Yourself! It's

much deeper than that.

Don't want to be part of a

collaborative construction process?

Nobody knows your company better than you. Your participation and involvement

in the process is essential!

Is your strategy copying the competition?

Each brand has its essence and 

the purpose of Express Yourself! it is precisely

differentiate your brand from the essence

her. There is no way to do this by copying

the competitor.

Are you looking for hacks and tips to

go viral and sell on Instagram?

Definitely Express Yourself! will help you

to guide your brand positioning at any point of communication, but the focus will be on the brand and not on Instagram hacks and tips.

Think your company is too small or too new to invest in branding?

Branding is exactly the best way to compete with bigger companies that have infinite budget to invest in marketing and advertising! It helps brands get closer to customers without relying on these massive investments.

Left your mark for last and now

need to release it within the next 30 days?

A good brand strategy is not formulated by magic. We will polish something that will be part of your company for many years and we will need quality time to carry out the process without skipping steps.

You only care about the

gift  of your company?

The Express Yourself! it is a program that goes far beyond the present. We will plan and shape the future of your company. That's where the realization of the dreams and goals you have today is!

Lapidário express yourself.png

Express Yourself!


Awaken your essence and turn it into a differential.

the world needs  of  your brand has to offer!

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