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Terms and Conditions of Service

By contracting any service from Lapidary, you agree to the following conditions:


Lapidario is a company created in March 2017 and headed by the Specialist in Branding and Brand Designer, Anamar Thamires. Here at the office we provide mentoring and consulting services for brand positioning and we also develop several design projects.  



After signing the service contract, together with the initial payment, we will start all the polishing of your project. The first step is an online immersion workshop in your company, where we will gather detailed information to then define the most appropriate strategies and present them to you in an alignment meeting.  



We keep design project files in a Cloud Backup for up to 12 months. Within that time, if necessary, the original files will be resending free of charge and according to my availability at the time and, if any changes are requested, a service fee will be charged. Despite keeping physical and cloud backups, we also run the risk of losing files, so when you receive your project, keep and make backups of all your material to also prevent their permanent loss.  



Our projects do not include third-party services such as printing materials, translation, advertising campaigns, videos, purchase of fonts, images or illustrations. In addition, Lapidario is also not responsible for any type of registration of the brand, name or any other type of project with the INPI body. These issues are the sole responsibility of the Client, even if another company plagiarizes the company's name or the work developed.


Before starting all projects, we always do a company name availability survey with the INPI. If necessary, we recommend that the client create another name on his own or outsource this service to avoid future losses (such as reinvestment in the company's communication materials and possible legal proceedings). In this way, clients who decide to go ahead with Lapidario even knowing that the company name is not available at the INPI or that another company already uses it, assume full responsibility for future losses. Under these conditions, we do not redo for free any work that we have already done and delivered to the customer. In cases where the naming work is carried out with Lapidary, it is the client's sole responsibility to pursue the INPI registration so that another company does not file the request beforehand and he/she will lose all the work developed.  


We develop each project with all the pre-requirements and information provided by the client, so that we can then align it and ensure that we understand the concept that must be transmitted.  Therefore,  we have the limit of a punctual rework, without additional cost. The agreed values may be revised if changes occur that are not in accordance with what was approved in the alignment stage or go beyond the complexity of the project.  



If for any reason the Client withdraws from the service in the middle of its execution, where strategies and proposals have already been discussed, presented or developed, a percentage proportional to the part of the project that has already been carried out will be charged (according to the phase in which it is), minus the intermediation fees for online payment. We do not refund steps that have already been discussed, presented, developed or sent to the customer.  



The client must approve or request adjustments to the project within a maximum of 1 week after the presentation. If it does not manifest itself within this period, Lapidary reserves the right to consider that the project has been approved, therefore it will be considered finalized and the final files will be sent. After sending the final files, the client will have 3 days to review the textual information and, if necessary, request correction. Any errors found after this review period are the responsibility of the customer.


Some prints require a type of finishing, such as cutting, varnishing, creasing, folding, etc., which may require a file adjusted to the pattern of the chosen printer. If you have contracted the visual identity project along with any stationery or packaging project, you will have my graphic monitoring for up to  30 days after delivery of your project. After this time, a service fee will be charged. During the entire printing process there is a natural variation of tones, which can be up to 10% darker or lighter. This is because his 1st contact with the brand's colors was through digital means, where they are reflected by light. In printing, colors are created from pigments that are absorbed differently, according to each type of material and finish. In the project, this variation is compensated so that it is minimized, but even so, it does not eliminate the possibility of it happening. Before printing your material, request a print proof from the printer of your choice, or place a small test order to see if the tone is correct or needs to be adjusted. Therefore, we are not responsible for color changes, but if necessary, we can adjust your codes for free.


In cases of illness or mourning, I, Anamar Thamires, reserve the right to pause the project for up to 2 weeks. If unfortunately any of these situations happen, you will be duly notified.



This project may be suspended if the Client: interferes with requirements inconsistent with the approved briefing and does not agree to renegotiate the value; delay the delivery of materials for project development by more than 1 week or delay payment without justification. If these situations cannot be resolved amicably, the suspension of the project will not be subject to reimbursement.


Payments must be made punctually according to previously defined dates and regardless of the stage in which the project is. In case of unjustified delay, the amounts will be increased by default interest in the amount of 1% (one percent) per month and a fine for delay in the amount of 10% (ten percent) on the installment that is in default.


Lapidary is committed to absolute confidentiality of all information provided by the client during this project.



Information and materials provided by the Client for use in the project are entirely its responsibility, including intellectual or industrial protections.



In accordance with the rules set forth in Law nº 9.610/98 (Copyright Law), the copyright on any work developed must always be indicated to the Lapidary, as well as research, drafts, final images, support and presentation materials. , its total or partial copying or distribution without prior authorization being a crime.

In case our image is used to produce institutional materials talking about the brand building process, it must be sent for our approval before going live.

When contracting this project, the client automatically authorizes the use of his image, the images of his establishment, the old communication/dissemination materials (in case of rebranding or redesign) and also the current ones that are developed by Lapidario, for the dissemination of our work on our website or social networks. Lapidario undertakes to credit those who also participated in the production of the materials, for example: architect, photographer (if I use his photos/videos) and so on.


All Lapidary projects are duly copyrighted in our name. This protects us so that they are not plagiarized or used by third parties, without any legal consequences for their misuse. The right to use the project becomes the property of the client only after full payment for the work developed.


We reserve the right to send artwork and all digital project files only when 100% payment has been made (except for cash or credit card payments).  


The contracting of any service from Lapidario will automatically characterize the acceptance of all the terms of service described herein. The start of all projects is subject to the initial payment and also the digital signature of the service contract that will be sent by email.  



Send an email to  and it will be a pleasure to help you.

Branding Lapidary

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