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Discover the complete strategy to aggregate
value to your products or services!


Even if you don't have the slightest idea of where to start and whether your company is in the planning phase or already operating in the market

Hey, businesswoman! tell me one thing...

Have you ever felt insecure to charge more for your work, even though you know you do something amazing?

Have you ever found yourself stuck in that phase where you're not sure if you need to adjust your communication, change everything and do it again, lower the price to compete, or copy the competition?

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to have customers who choose to buy from you, even though you have other cheaper solutions on the market?

So believe me: this is my specialty and I know exactly how you can polish your brand to achieve this result!

In Time to Shine training! I'll show you one  simple and direct step by step with principles, strategies, insights and practical exercises that will help you shape a desirable and differentiated brand.


In the end, you will discover exactly how to adjust your brand positioning to  express the VALUE of your products or services to the fullest , and make your customers' eyes shine like never before for anything you sell!


Can you imagine being chosen by your customers without having to compete on price?

That's what I get here at Lapidario - my Branding and Design company.  And look... the feeling of attracting customers you like, who are loyal, value your work and always refer you to other people, is indescribable!

With Time to Shine! you will discover exactly how to manage your company's brand in a desirable and differentiated way to sell your products and services to customers who really see your VALUE!


Hey! I'm Anamar Thamires!


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In the last 5 years undertaking online, I have already tested several strategies to add value to my services and conquer more and more loyal customers who are passionate about my work, even though I don't have 10 thousand followers, nor a constant presence on Instagram.

But I don't need to say that I didn't get it overnight, right? At the beginning of my company, I was very reluctant to give discounts to compete, but at the same time I needed to do it to sell... the result you can already imagine: I joined in a continuous cycle of frustration with the work I love to do. Who never?! hahaha

It was then that I started to study really effective strategies that would help me to  express to the maximum what makes my work different and so unique , that it does not depend exclusively on the price to be chosen.

After finally getting out of the price dispute , I mapped the main base of my methodology and turned it into Time to Shine Training!

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Discover the 5 principles of the Time to Shine Method!

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Understand what your customers really are  want

- I'll show you how to understand what people really expect and want from your brand

- You will discover how to connect with your customers to strengthen your differentials and be seen as the best option!



Practice the subtle and powerful art

to delight customers

- I'll show you how to take advantage of every defining moment of the customer's experience with your brand.

- You will discover the best way to enchant and retain your customers, to increase the value of your brand and also make them promote you!



The branding hoops you need to understand

- You will understand once and for all what is essential and necessary for a branding strategy to really work in your company.

- From this information, you will be able to analyze your positioning to make the best decisions.


Start with your essence

- I will give you practical guidance for you to delve into the essence of your brand

-You will begin to develop the strategic clarity needed to analyze and identify what needs to be strengthened in your brand positioning.



build the memories

of your brand

- I'll show you how to define a brand concept that expresses your company's entire personality.

- You will know exactly how to be intentional and strategic in all your communication, to be present in the minds and hearts of your customers.



Be like a diamond!

- I will give you the final guidelines for your
brand shine a lot and grow in line with
your purpose!

-You will know how to transform all the information gathered during the training into a brand strategy that will guide the next steps of your company's positioning.

You will also get a


A special class with several insights and exclusive support materials for you to plan, organize and present your new brand positioning to your customers!

Masterclass - It's time to shine!

BRL 197.00

Look what my clients are saying:

Before training I felt very stuck , from how to appear on social media to how my delivery could be, because I missed something that connected everything in a coherent way.

Now that everything is very clear to me , the feeling is: "I have a lot of work ahead of me" in a very conscious and uncomplicated way.  I'm looking forward to putting my Brand on the world!

Iris Fideliz.png

Iris Fideliz

Fashion Designer at @irisfideliz.atelier

How is Time to Shine training! inside?


1. Practical and didactic classes

Short lessons of up to 15 minutes, with lots of visual support and lots of contextual examples to make learning as easy as possible. 


2. Exclusive Workbooks

Each module has a workbook of practical exercises to help you through the training to build an effective and effective brand strategy.


3. Exclusive telegram

For all Time to Shine Training students! who want to meet other amazing professionals and also build a powerful network!

Logotipo Time to shine png.png

And how much will you invest to have a brand
differentiated and boost your business sales?

 Infinitely less than all the time, energy, and money you lose by failing to fully reflect the  VALUE  of your products and services!

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Take advantage of the opportunity to join Time to Shine Training now! and invest in your brand for just

12 installments of BRL 38.68

or in cash R$397 for a limited time!

After confirming your registration, you will receive in your email access to the Hotmart platform, where all the Training content is located (remember to check your spam box). This is a 100% online training, so you can watch it from wherever, whenever and as often as you want, just by having internet access.

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Questions answered?

Well, now I'm going to end it here, because there's a lot of stuff inside Time to Shine! for you to start polishing your brand today! You come with me? 

This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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